They Have Them . .

What is a part of having teenage girls that no one tells you about? Tweezers. Eyebrow tweezers specifically.

Although I am a rather frugal person, I do spend for a higher quality tweezer with a slant and grippy indents on the inside of the tweezers. This makes them specifically good eyebrow tweezers. I have purchased at least 3 of these in the last year to two years.

It had been an embarrassingly long time since I had given my eyebrows some attention. So this morning I was going to do just that! I got up before anyone else. I touched up my nail polish. I was having a total mini-spa. I went to help my eyebrows and the tweezers were gone!!! 😦

I ended up having to use tweezers from a nail kit. With the block end on the tweezers I couldn’t grab the hairs I wanted. But, I did grab my skin with the tweezers and inadvertently made my face bleed. 🙄

Tonight I am thankful that my daughters have good tweezers! Ha! Ok, I am actually thankful that there were tweezers in the nail kit, even if they made me bleed. I was going to start the day quite a bit irritated if there were no tweezers!!
And sometime soon I will be going thru my daughters’ things and finding my tweezers!!!

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