Hard Things

See that look of confidence in this picture?? It is pushing its limits today. About two weeks ago I said to someone that I aim for a level of confidence that is just shy of arrogance. Think what you may, that’s how I roll 😁

But, some days are just harder than others. Making big decisions, like reducing our office space, is hard. This has been a needed change though. Our office is beautiful! And I walk around it and smile. But, it is too big. It has been too big since we began there. We just made up uses for all the spaces. But it isn’t necessary space for us. So, as much as this is a good decision, it is hard.

A team member is moving on. She has an amazing opportunity in front of her and I am so happy for her! But, change is hard.

I won’t go on with the hard things that are not business: a senior graduating, planning his open house, end of year for my home schooler, planning for next year’s senior, and a kiddo getting married. Whew.

Our wonderful Ninja Coach likes to say “We can do hard things”. And that is true. (Especially tonight! What a work out!)

Tonight I am thankful that we can do hard things. I am thankful that even when I forget to pray, God is there in the hard things. I am thankful to be able to be present in this life and be there for my family. I am thankful for my wonderful team at work and our beautiful office. I am choosing to be thankful for the opportunities in life, even when they are hard; because we can do hard things!

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