Alright, this week can calm down now! Seriously! It is only Tuesday and this week is throwing stuff around like it was Thursday or something! 🙄

Today I had to stop and take a minute. I got a strawberry lemonade, a notebook, and went to a park with a pond. I sat down on the dock to clear my head.

My plans have to change. I’m ok with changing plans. Usually I just change them and continue on my way. And sometimes that is ok. Not this time. I did some thinking and writing; the things that were working, the things that needed to change, and new ideas to try in the future.

Tonight I am thankful for some time today to sit and gain perspective. Emotions come and go; and I knew some of them today were fleeting. When things are changing, emotions can go a little crazy. Today I am thankful for the chance to make a plan; a plan made better learning from well intentioned mistakes and ideas formed from increased perspective and knowledge.

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