I passed these neon green pants in the store several weeks ago. I don’t know why, but I loved them! I had put them in my cart. Then I took them out. I didn’t need more pants. But, I liked them.

Another week went by and I kept thinking about the pants. I wound up back in the same store. They were not even on sale! I paid retail for these!! I was so happy!!

The neon pants have sat in my bedroom for over a week. I almost put them on to go work out, but they were so pretty! I didn’t want to dirty them!!

Today . . . today was the day to wear my neon pants! It is Mother’s Day! I can wear whatever I want!!! (Well, I can any other day, but it feels a little more liberating to say so today!) It just felt fun to wear them!!

Tonight I am thankful for a day of wearing FUN neon pants!! I did change out of them before leaving for dinner. I was still going to wear them . . but I didn’t think they would quite fit with the dinner atmosphere! I will be wearing them again soon! The fun neon pants!! 😁

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