Sometimes I take educated leaps. Ya know, kind of like a leap of faith, but a little different. There are some times when a person can do the research, wait, do a little more research, wait some more, and then an opportunity presents itself; so it is time to jump.

Honestly I feel like I’m writing about something bigger than it is. To others it may not seem like a big deal. But to me it is! I signed up for a coaching program. I’ve been looking at it for well over a year. Everything I’ve looked at looks positive. I don’t like the cost. And I don’t like the time commitment. But, they were having one heck of a sale, so it was time to try it!

Tonight I am thankful for a good sale to make me leap in to this coaching thing. I’ll know soon if it is worth the price! I hope so! I am hesitantly optimistic for big things to come!

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