I meant to start going thru pictures earlier. We have an open house for our graduate coming up next weekend! BTW if you didn’t receive an invite and want to come, please reach out! The snail mail ones were sent out a little late and the Facebook one doesn’t always reach people well!

Anyway, I started this week going thru pictures. And today I finished. Eighteen years worth of pictures. Whew! I take a lot of pictures. I always have. And just about the time this kiddo was born, we were all digital; so I took even more pictures!!

I downloaded this nifty software called TurboCollage to help me arrange all my pictures. Then I did a little editing. And presto! Poster size pictures are ready to go!

Tonight I am thankful for carving out the many, many hours to go thru the many, many pictures! I am also thankful for the many, many pictures! It has been a great time going down memory lane! And I can’t wait to see the pictures all printed up with my baby! ❤️

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