Today was a big day. My baby graduated high school!! And, well, there is still life, so we needed to get groceries, meal plan, meal prep (this has been moved to tomorrow morning), etc. Laundry was paused. House cleaning was paused. But food . . food can not be paused!

This morning though . . . all that seemed like a lot this morning. So I went out to the barn. I let the goats out to roam. I watched the ducks and fed the chickens. And I just sat in the quiet praying and talking to God.

Tonight I am thankful for the quiet time this morning. My soul needed that time to be able to handle the rest of the day well ❤️❤️

Oh, and here’s a kitty that was watching me. He was waiting for another kitty to leave, so he could have a turn to sit on my lap and get pets 😊

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