I am having some fun with our backyard plans!

In this picture there are glow in the dark rocks and two solar creatures! A lady bug and a peacock! This is the solar garden. Soon there will a solar, light up flamingo! This is the “fun” solar garden!

Over on the deck I have solar curtain lights that I am in love with!! And there are four ceramic solar lantern type lights!

In my basement, somewhere, I have solar yard lights. I had bought them on clearance a couple of years ago and found them in my attic when we moved stuff to the new house!

I ordered a few more cheap solar lights today too!! The solar light up flamingo, a solar light-up owl, and some other solar light-up surprises! I am so excited for the backyard this summer!! OH, and I ordered a solar powered motion light for the greenhouse!

Tonight I am thankful for finding neat solar items at reasonable prices to have fun with in the yard!! I am loving them!!
P.S. Most of my solar items are from Dollar General and Temu.

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