Karen Saves the Day!

This is the office named Karen. She is the epitome of a stereotypical Karen. She does what she wants, when she wants. She doesn’t care if she is rude about it. She always wants to talk to the manager (which apparently isn’t anyone in this office, ’cause she’s never been happy when we try to talk to her!).

BUT, about a week ago I did a blog about pictures for my graduate’s open house. I was so happy. Until today. I had ordered the pictures to be printed in a poster style and paid extra for them to arrive no later than today. The open house is tomorrow morning. Guess what, no package! They haven’t even shipped it yet. I took a few minutes to breathe and remind myself that all would be ok, I just needed to come up with a Plan B.

I will say, Shutterfly gave me a refund with no problem. The photo collage software is still great. I only had to reformat 290 pictures to print on 11 x 17 paper with Karen. The 290 pictures only took a couple of hours, which could have been a lot longer without the software! Karen must have sensed my desperate Plan B and she printed without any issues for me.

My craft kiddo stopped at Dollar Tree and has been decorating the posters while I reformat and print pictures. It is looking pretty good over here!

Tonight I am thankful for Karen, the copier and her help tonight! I am thankful for my craft kiddo coming to the rescue while I formatted pictures and worked with Karen. And I am thankful that we will have pictures for the Open House tomorrow morning! Hooray!!

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