We are getting ready for an open house for our recent graduate. I had the task of going to get about six bags of rocks. I was heading to Menards. But, then I couldn’t remember if you can just get bags of rocks at Menards or if you have to drive around back with a ticket. I don’t like driving around back with a ticket. So I went to Lowe’s instead.

I looked at the different rocks and picked the ones that would work the best. I started loading bags on to my cart and noticed a bag that was inside a bigger plastic bag. I almost picked right over it, but then I saw the writing on it. The bag had been broken open, so the partial bag and the loose rocks had been put in the bigger bag. And, the best part was that the bag was half price! I love a good deal!

Tonight I am thankful for discount rocks!! I never thought I would leave the house and find a good deal on rocks! Yay Cheap Rocks!

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