A few years ago a friend of mine turned me on to Soda Stream.  It is healthier than regular pop . . overall.  Of course plain water is the healthiest, right?  But that gets boring sometimes.

I drank Soda Stream quite a bit at first.  Then I was buying pop at the store again for awhile.  Later last year, I started back with Soda Stream.  I’ve been feeling pretty good about it.  Not over-drinking it too much.  It was great having less calories, carbs, and stuff, with the same great pop flavor!

Except, the syrups are getting harder and harder to find.  Meijer has been cutting it out.  Other stores have gotten rid of it.  I looked online and it is over-priced at amazon and ebay.  Like, seriously over-priced.  Meijer was supposed to be ordering me a case of Cola syrup and today informed me that it wasn’t going to happen.

For whatever reason, it didn’t dawn on me until today to actually look for a Soda Stream website.  Oh yes, there is one!  And the bottles of the flavor syrup are the same price as in the store!  And there is free shipping over a certain dollar amount!  AND there is a sale in March to buy 5 bottles and get the sixth bottle free!  AND I can earn Fizzy Points to do something with (I’m not really sure what yet).

Tonight I am thankful for finding where to get my Soda Stream syrup from that should work with no hiccups now!!  My first shipment is on it’s way right to my door!  BAM!!  Just Like That!!!