Kiddo Tree

I went up in daughter’s room today and saw the kiddo tree.

My kids started their own tradition several years ago.  It was the year we put a start time on Christmas morning!  The hubster and I got tired of kids waking up at 4am.  I think they even woke up at 3am one year.  It is hard when there are four of them.  Four kids all wide awake and excited . . we are outnumbered.

For our sanity, the hubster and I had to put our foot down.  I believe we decided on 6:30.  6:30 is when the kids typically wake up for school.  So, it sounded like a reasonable time for them to be allowed downstairs on Christmas.

The kids were not so happy with their time limit; as their excitement still wakes them up early!  Thus, the kiddo Christmas tree tradition began.  They pick a bedroom for a little fake hand-me-down tree.  They decorate it.  And they put their presents to each other under the tree.  Santa and parents do not contribute to the kiddo tree.  Only kiddo presents to each other go under the tree.  On Christmas morning, they all wake up and have their own Christmas present celebration upstairs at their tree until they are allowed downstairs at 6:30.

As a Mom, this tradition completely melts my heart that the four of them got together and planned this.  I have had no part in it.  They have agreed every year to continue their tradition.  And they have shared turns hosting the tree in different bedrooms.  I get to watch them all being not just siblings, but friends ❤  That is a wonderful Christmas present!

Tonight I am thankful that the kiddo Christmas tree is set up with presents already underneath it!  And I am even more thankful that my kiddos love each other and can enjoy each other’s company all on their own!!  🙂