One Hour

I try not to complain about Daylight Savings.  I mean, what good is complaining going to do?  It’s not going to change anything.  My thought is, I might as well just go with it.

Of course it doesn’t always go easily.  It is the sky that gets me.  The morning and evening times only bother me a little.  It is the sky that throws me off.  I think I know what time it is by the light; but then I am wrong.

For instance, today.  Today the girls had a cookie booth.  I was watching the clock, knowing that I would be off.  Somehow I still was running at the last-minute.

I was supposed to bring some things with me.  The cookie booth was at the store where my parents usually grocery shop.  They were going to stop by and support the girls, so it was a great opportunity to give them some things that I had for them.  But, I forgot.

After we parked, I reached in to my purse to grab some cash to buy some cookies for us.  There was cash laying right there in my purse, so I grabbed that.  I didn’t have to dig.  But then I reached around and realized that I also forgot my cell phone. *sigh*

Oh well, right?  This was all surmountable.

After the cookie booth, the girls and I went inside to get some groceries.  We filled the cart up and headed to the check out.  We got all the way to the end, I reached back in to my purse and could not find my wallet.  It just wasn’t there.  I sent my daughter out to the van.  It must have fallen out in the van.  Nope, it wasn’t there.  I called home.  My wallet had fallen out of my purse here at home.  I had to leave my cart full of bagged up groceries.  For the record, the woman was incredibly nice and sympathetic to my situation. *sigh*

Tonight I am thankful that I didn’t need gas in my van this afternoon.  That would have sucked.  I would have had to have the hubster drive all the way out to the cookie booth to bail me out.  I am thankful that there was still time in the evening to drive out and get groceries.  I would have rather stayed home.  But, I am thankful that there was time to get groceries.  There is food in the house.  There was even still time to prep some food for this week.  Muffins are the last things cooling off right now.

Maybe I had just an off-day.  But I am being thankful I can blame Daylight Saving’s Time 😉