Sometime a few months ago I bought a Groupon for a family roller skating deal.  I suck at roller skating.  The hubster, who actually is quite good, can no longer roller skate – due to missing pieces from his knee.  The kids have no hope if I am their teacher.  But hey, it was discounted pricing and the kids should try it, right?

Well, I bought the Groupon and it has sat here at my desk ever since.  A couple of weeks ago Groupon sent me a message that my roller skating deal had expired.  But, I could cash back in the Groupon and have a credit for other Groupon items.  Well, ok, twist my arm to go shopping on a site credit . . 🙂

I looked and looked.  I clicked on their Clearance section.  I found some hair ties . . always in demand in this house!  I kept looking.  One thing caught my eye.  But I kept looking in case there was anything more practical that I should get.  There wasn’t.

So I ordered my non-practical item and didn’t tell anyone.  It came last week!!  I showed the kids and had my boy follow the instructions.  And now, we are the proud owners of a sprouting Emoji Chia Pet!  🙂  It makes you smile just to look at it, doesn’t it?  🙂  Well, it does me!

Tonight I am thankful for my silly Emoji Chia Pet!  One of my entrepreneurial children is already planning on harvesting the sprouting seeds and selling them.  I told the child to slow down!  Let’s just enjoy the awesomeness of the Emoji guy and his chia hair for now!