Rolly Polly Idea

Ok, I gotta talk about this!  I had an idea rolling around in my head for a while about having an event to educate potential clients.

Some of the best professionals that I interact with in my personal business want to have informed clients.  Do you know how that makes me feel?  Valuable.  It makes me feel valuable that a company that I am working with wants me to be informed and secure in what they are doing for me.  I want our clients to feel the same way.

Just a little bit ago, the rolling around idea in my head became verbalized.  Yep, I think this would be a good thing.  I talked to a few people, they also thought this would be a good thing.  Ok, Game On!

So, my wonderful team has been moving fast!  This thing is coming together wonderfully!

And here is my shameless plug:  If you are around Dansville on March 31st from 12-4, please stop in at the Dansville Community Center for the Ethos Home Expo!  If you’ve thought about buying a house, selling a house, or even refinancing – we are going to have professionals there to share their knowledge with you!  We are currently up to 10 companies who will be in attendance ranging from my Brokerage to Home Inspection, from Insurance to Well and Septic Inspections, with many more in between!  We are only having one company per particular home-ownership field!

Tonight I am thankful for this rolly, polly idea to be coming to life!  I am thankful for an awesome team member who has been working hard towards this!!  We have had a few companies who were not able to come due to the Easter weekend.  And even those few said to let us know if we do this again!  Informing people is a good idea.  Of course I want people to trust Ethos Real Estate West!  And we’ll build that trust by sharing our insight and being honest with people!


ethos home expo jpeg.jpg

One thought on “Rolly Polly Idea”

  1. I didn’t realize this would show up on your announcement. For readers: that address is 1317 Mason Rd. (M36), Dansville, MI 48819


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