I have some how ended up with a princess cat.  *sigh*  Whatever did I do to end up with a princess cat?!?

It has been just a little over five years since I found her half-frozen on the side of the road.  She has been the most appreciative and loving cat!  The hubster has even made a comment (several times actually) about how he has never seen a cat love anyone the way this cat loves me.  I saved her life and she has been grateful!

BUT, I have bought special food for her for a while.  When she first came here, well she had been half-frozen.  Her tummy had to thaw and was not a very happy tummy.  Some of her insides never did quite return to 100% normal.

Lately though, I don’t always buy her special food.  She gets mad when I don’t buy the special food.  Usually she shows her unhappiness about the food in a few different ways.  This week though, she has stayed upstairs all week.  She even hissed at me once, that was mean.  She got in trouble for that and had to spend some time in the bathroom – she doesn’t like the bathroom.

Today I finally caved and bought her some special food with the fluffy kitty on the package – that is her favorite.  I hated “giving in” to her tantrum!  But I want my nice, sweet kitty back.

Tonight I am thankful for Mittens staying in the living room tonight.  It was the first night all week.  She won.  I was beaten in a battle of wills by a cat.  I won’t say I lost though.  I just strategically chose to change my tactics and have a happier kitty life.

Here is a throwback to the day I found her, when she was nothing but happy to be in my arms!

3-16-2018 9-38-39 PM

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