3 Stitches

Today started with a test for my gallbladder.  I should hear from my doctor on Monday, they said.  No one went running from the room to grab a doctor.  So I figured it must not be too bad.

After getting that out of the way, it was time to play!  The kids and I went to a car show, a road side farm stand, and found some good garage sales!  I had told the kids that we would have to do chores when we got home.

Back home, I was washing dishes when a glass broke.  Spontaneously combusted was more like it.  Three stitches later, I can state that the Lansing Urgent Care people were very nice.

Tonight I am thankful for nice people at the Urgent Care.  My typing speed will be slower for the next week or so . . but this will heal up just fine.

**Picture is how my darling daughter fed the stale bagels to the goats today ❤  This is much cuter than a picture of yucky stitches or a boring Urgent Care building!


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