The Chaos

I watched a video today of the seniors walking thru the school hallways for their last time.  I’ve watched videos of seniors before.  This time it brought tears to my eyes.

That’s silly!  I don’t have a child graduating this year!  But I know more of these kids that are graduating this year.  I’ve watched them grow just a little more than I’ve watched previous classes.

When my own graduating class was seniors, we all seemed so much older than these kids seem!  Maybe that statement makes me sound older(er) . . but I think it more makes me sound like a parent!

It will be just a matter of years, and my oldest baby will be walking those halls in that video.  It’s crazy to think of!

I am not one for regrets.  I don’t like the saying “where has the time gone?”.  I just don’t.  I want to KNOW where the time has gone.  Some days it seems to go faster.  But I want to enjoy every second of this chaos with my loves.

Tonight I am thankful for the chaos.  For my mommas and daddies out there watching your babies walk the senior hallways, I know you are thankful for your chaos too.  This chaos of parenthood that fills your heart and empties your tear ducts.  These kids looked good today.  They looked confident.  They are full of possibilities.  And soon parents will be standing behind these kids, instead of over them; where the parents once protected and guided thru the chaos of growing up.  You’re doing good parents!  The kids looked good.


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