I don’t wash my van too often.  I drive a lot.  So the van just gets dirty again quickly.

Last week I paid money and washed my van.  It has been so pretty and clean!!

Today I spent about 2 1/2 hours driving around muddy roads.  I couldn’t see out my back windows.  I had mud dripping from the bottom of my van.  It was all the way up to my door windows.

As I was driving back home I looked for a puddle to try to splash the van in.  I couldn’t find any big enough.  I picked up the kiddos from the school and grossed out one kiddo with the muddiness.

Tonight I am thankful that it was warm enough later this afternoon to wash the van again without it freezing!!  I don’t mind a dirty van.  My van gets dirty a lot.  But, dripping thick mud is a little too dirty!

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