Several weeks ago I was shopping at Sam’s Club and saw these smaller rubber boots.  I have tall rubber boots that used to live in my van.  I would like to blame the children for their disappearance. . . although it could have been me.  I wore them.  The children wore them.  They may be in the basement.  But, even when they lived in my van, they took up a bit of room.

Well, I knew I had boots at home.  So I kept walking in Sam’s Club that day!

About two weeks later, I was back in Sam’s Club.  This time I had thought about the smaller boots.  They made sense.  The less room they would take in the van would be a good thing.  And, rubber boots come in handy when I am walking around new construction.  So that day I bought the boots.

Today, maybe two or three weeks later, the boots were used!!  New construction is almost always muddy when I visit the homes.  I know there are days that the mud actually dries.  It just never seems to be when I am at the muddy places!

Tonight I am thankful for thoughtfully buying the rubber boots!  I am really trying not to impulse buy things because they look like they would come in handy.  I am trying to be more intentional.  So I am extra glad I took two weeks, thought about the purchase, and had these boots in the van today!


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