You may have noticed my lack of updates on our Dave Ramsey / Debt Free journey.  Well, it’s because we hit some speed bumps.

A Dave quote: “Children do what feels good.  Adults devise a plan and follow it”.

Well, we are following a better plan now after a detour.

The hubster and I were so excited about an investment a few months ago that we proceeded even though there were some warning signs.  We didn’t do all our research.  And here we are months later, over budget, and back in Baby Step 2.

The good news is, we have devised a plan.  After a little more work, we are going to sell this investment and get ourselves back in to Baby Step 3!!

We have learned some important lessons here.  Lessons that could have been learned easier ways.  But, lessons learned nonetheless!!

Tonight I am thankful that when a person (me) finds themselves on the wrong track, they (me) can always grab the wheel, and correct themselves back on to the right track!  We’re on our way!


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