I’ve been on a mission!  There is a very special day coming up soon.  So I’ve been digging thru old pictures.  I finished my project up just a few minutes ago.  I am SO EXCITED!!!  But, I can’t show anyone until Monday.  (Sorry for teasing!)

Anyway, I’ve had such a neat time going thru old pictures!  Two out of four children say that I look weird in the picture below . . . which seemed like a good enough reason to put it on the internet!

Tonight I am thankful for the great time looking at old pictures!  And I am super thankful that my special project turned out great!  Well, I think so at least.  Hopefully the people I made the special project for love it!  I have to wait over a whole day to find out!!!!  ARGH!  Maybe I’ll give it to them early . . .



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