The Socks

We used to have a “sock basket”.  People would do the laundry and throw the socks and undies in to the basket.  Then we would have the family gather, dump the basket out, and have people grab their stuff.

This got to be an issue with kiddos throwing socks and undies at each other.  So the sock basket went away.

Then we realized that we all suck at correctly getting each other’s socks and undies out of the dryer and correctly in to the proper basket.  The sock basket came back.

Tonight we went thru the sock basket(s).  Oh yes, multiple sock baskets, as someone took a sock basket to their room!  That is a no-no.  What a mountain of socks we had!  Things that had been missing for awhile were found!  Hooray!

Tonight I am thankful for all the socks and undies going to their proper locations in this house!  This was driving me nuts!!


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