There once was this guy who noticed this girl that he worked with.  He thought she was attractive.  He asked her out.  She said no.

One day he heard that she needed help with a furnace for her house.  He jumped at the chance to get on her good side!  He drove a half hour to her house.  But, she couldn’t let him help her.  She was scraping together enough for a furnace and had found out about a grant that might help her.  The she felt bad that he had driven all the way out there and she couldn’t let him do anything.  They sat and chatted over some coffee (I think God had a hand in this talking time).  And the man drove home.

The man asked her out again.  This time she said yes.  He took her to a nice restaurant and she started crying.  He thought maybe she was crazy.  He’d had his share of crazy.  He was kind of over this idea.  He went home and went to sleep.

Now here is where God definitely helped out.  The man didn’t know that the woman cried because she was so overwhelmed to be treated so nicely.  But God knew.  God knew that these two opposites were meant to be together.  And somehow, this man who had silenced the phone in his bedroom; the man who could sleep next to a freight train and not wake up from the noise; this man who thought the lady might be crazy; this man somehow woke up from his phone ringing that night when the woman called to apologize for crying, and to explain why she cried.

Tonight I am thankful that God didn’t give up on these two!  And I am thankful that my parents celebrated 30 years of marriage together today!  Love isn’t easy.  And I’ve seen these two lose their tempers, their patience, and their tolerance of each other; but they’ve never lost their love for each other.  They are two people too stubbornly in love with each other to have anything but a happy ending. ❤  And with the hand God has had in their lives, I know they’ve had the best of help to stay together when they felt like giving up. ❤

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