Oh what a start to the day!

Do you ever have one of those days when the crappy stuff is just piled on for a little bit?  I mean, sure maybe it’s good to get it all over with at once.  But, I was having a hard time controlling this temper of mine.

I thought I had started so well.  I got up after only hitting Snooze once.  I did my yoga.  I drank my water.  I prepped for a 9 am phone call.  That’s when it started . . that phone call.  I thought I was talking to a reasonable human being.  I was wrong.  When I am prepared for the crappy attitude from people I can take it better.  But I was unprepared.  I over-estimated the other person’s communication skills and rational thinking.  And I didn’t have that little emotional wall built up to protect me from emotionally reacting.  When my temper was reaching it’s limit I told the other person, “We are done talking now.”  I did good.  I ended it before I told the person off.  Small win for me!

I was calming down from that.  And in came an email.  Then another one.  And then another one!  All of them upsetting.  I could have handled them better if I was not working on calming down still.  But I took an emotional step back and tried to put things in perspective.  I think I answered everything fairly well.

Tonight I am thankful that the day got better.  Days tend to do that.  I’m sure the day could have stayed bad.  I did some praying.  I did some thinking.  I did some resetting.  I probably could have done better.  I surely could have done worse!  So I’ll take the good that came along, I am thankful for it!


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