I have been having several discussions with a particular kiddo of mine about accepting responsibility.

Life looks easier if everything is always someone else’s fault, right?

We talked about the feeling of pride when you take responsibility for things you’ve done and they are right.  We talked about the feeling of honesty and growth that can only come when you take responsibility for the things you’ve done wrong and work to make things better.

There are many things in life that you can’t control.  But you can always control yourself, your reactions, your apologies, and your learning to improve.  I see so many right now that want to blame everyone else.  The kids see this too.  They see the adult finger pointing and the blame-game being played out on their screens.  But I want them to strive for something better.

I can tell you that I have royally screwed things up for myself and my family before.  And I sure sleep better at night knowing that I can admit that, learning to forgive myself of that, and to know that we’ve worked to make things better.  I could have blamed a lot of other things – and honestly a lot of the other things were direct reasons for my reactions.  But I chose my reactions.  I chose my education or lack of about things that were difficult for me.  I chose.  Those other factors are still out there in the world . . but I choose better now.  Only because I could admit that I didn’t choose the best back then.

Tonight I am thankful for taking responsibility for life.  Life will hand you crappy things sometimes.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to decide to let that define you, or to continue in that light.  I hope my kids learn this lesson.  Life is better and more prepared when this lesson is learned.

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