My First

When I was 19 years old I was in a housing situation.  I had came back home for my second year of college.  I was living at home with my parents and working full time.  I broke up with my long-time boyfriend and picked up a second job so I wouldn’t have free time to miss him.

Then I got a puppy.  Then I started looking for a place to rent.  Guess what?  People didn’t want to rent to a 19 year old with a Rottweiler puppy in the year 2000 when Rottweilers were the “bad” dog breed.

Then I started looking at houses.  There was a cute little log cabin in my price range!  It needed a little work.  But not a lot!  Perfect!

Twenty years ago today I closed on my very first house!  I learned how to install a privacy fence in my first weeks of ownership.  My puppy needed a fence and I needed privacy!  I did my first drywall job in that house.  I did my first vinyl flooring in that house – I am NOT good at vinyl flooring.

Later I got back together with the boyfriend guy.  We got married.  And I told him that we needed to be in a bigger house before we had kids.  That was a tiny little house.  Two years after I bought my little house, we sold my little house and moved on to a bigger house.  But there will always be a special place in my heart for my little green log cabin!  I tried to buy it back several years ago.  Someone else bid more money and got it.  Then they mangled it.  And it ended up being dozed.  Poor little green log cabin!  I will always remember it fondly!

Tonight I am thankful that 20 years ago today I bought my first house!  I didn’t set out to buy a house.  Really I was just looking for a place for me and my dog!  But it turned out to be a wonderful time in life and something I will always smile about 🙂


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