With the appraising side of my business, footwear is a concern.  Usually in the summer I wear sandals.  But right now, no one wants my bare feet on their floors!  Honestly, I don’t think many people were super fond of the idea in non-Covid years.

Anyway, I’ve had this great pair of shoes for over a year now.  They slide on and off easily (it is unprofessional to fall down in people’s homes while taking on and off shoes!).  They stay on my feet well, when I climb up retaining walls, etc.  They were waterproof before they started falling apart.  They were just great!

But, I they were cheap.  I bought them from Meijer or WalMart.  I don’t remember which.  But I certainly didn’t buy them from a place that would still have them now, over a year later.

About a month or two ago I bought shoes that I thought would work the same.  They were horrible.

My favorite work shoes started falling apart.  Once their decline started, it went downhill quickly!  I went searching online for something like these shoes.  I found something very similar from JC Pennies.  They were half off and then more percentages off on a sale!  I bought two pairs and held my breath!

Tonight I am thankful that the new shoes, made by a completely different manufacturer, came today!  And they are wonderful!  Hooray!!  My feet are relieved!



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