Technology Loses!

Have you ever used a Chromebook? I hadn’t . . but I bought one for the office. It was very reasonably priced, and it had lots of good reviews. I HATE IT!

I know enough about technology to navigate around by myself most of the time. This stupid computer would not let me even look at the properties of a folder!! And after consulting with people on the internet, this computer (although it might be generous to call it such) can not receive communication from our big printer!! It can print to the big printer, but the bit printer cannot scan to the Chromebook. Urgh!!

Anyway, a *fix* was found around that little road bump. So, the day went on.

Tonight I worked on integrating a new feature in to our website. And it WORKS!! It isn’t pretty – yet. But, it is there!

Tonight I am thankful that today ends with the score of Jessie-1.5, Technology-0.5! Yay!! I call that a win!! Look! I made myself this trophy!!

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