The Women

Have you read that story floating around the internet about women and washing machines? It was something about how this group of women used to meet at the river to wash clothes together. Then they got washing machines and the women got sad and they didn’t know why. It was discovered that they missed the time they spent with each other when they all washed clothes together.

I’ve shared with a few people my thoughts on *some* post partum depression situation; only some because I am not a mental health professional by any means! But, think about many years ago, a woman would have a baby and would be surrounded by other caring women. Family members, friends, and neighbors were there to help and the woman was never alone in her new journey. That isn’t what happens now most of the time. At least here in the US. I have read of other cultures where it is still very normal for the women to gather and support the new mom for as long as she needs.

When I first became a mom, I had a moment. The hubster had went back to work and I was there alone with this tiny little baby. They say “sleep when the baby sleeps”. Nope, that wasn’t happening. I was told to keep the baby away from people and their germs. I had never NOT gone wherever I had wanted to go. Now I was exhausted and felt trapped in my own home. I remember very clearly how I felt on the day that the hubster went back to work. Panic might be a good word. But, it was more than that. And it was over nothing. Mentally I knew that there was nothing wrong. But I was not doing well and I was spiraling fast. I picked up the phone and called my mom. I told her that I needed her. There wasn’t anything really wrong, but something wasn’t right and I needed her now. She dropped everything and came over. She just sat and talked with me. And that was that. That feeling didn’t come back. I didn’t feel alone or panicked or like the world was swallowing me up anymore. I don’t know if I could ever thank her enough for that day. But, she’s the best of the best of moms, so she may already know how much that day meant. ❤

I know how truly blessed I am to have her. I read about some stories of moms who struggle. And I wonder how or if their stories would be different if they had a support system, even just one person; to come and sit with them, to give them strength and comfort and to normalize the feelings that sometimes come in life that make us feel crazy.

Tonight I am thankful for having a wonderful mom who is always there when I need her. I am 41 and I still know that she is always just a phone call away. Tonight I pray for the women who suffer in silence because they don’t know who to call. And for the women who may have someone to call, but don’t know what to say. That day I called my mom, I didn’t know what to say, except that I needed her to come and be with me. And that was enough for her ❤ Tonight I pray for a family that I’ve never met, but I read about. I pray for comfort and strength for them, as they lost a loving woman who didn’t know how to get help. If anyone ever needs me to come and sit with them, just let me know. I’ll be just a phone call away.

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