Tonight I shared an article about some local stuff. To me, it had a real estate flair. Guess what, I have FOUR businesses that revolve around real estate! This was of interest to me. So I shared it.

Then there were opinions and messages and other facebook posts. And BLEH.

So guess what, I deleted the post.

I choose peace.

Do I have an opinion? Absolutely. Is it founded on facts . . not entirely, there were not enough facts given in the article to form a sound opinion. And I recently sold my property in that jurisdiction . . so my opinion is really irrelevant.

I also have a professional opinion on the real estate side. But no one hired me. And I don’t work for free, so I’ll keep that to myself also 😉

Tonight I am thankful for choosing peace. There are things out there that need my attention, my time, and my energy. And this is not one of those.

Here is a picture that I took earlier while waiting at my office for a delivery. It was so peaceful. I don’t know if the picture shows that or not. But it was. And peace is what I’m striving after a bit more in this season. Calming Peace ❤

No description available.

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