Well, we’ve gotten to the point where I need to start taking some time during the work week to help with the new house! Weekends and evenings (when available, which isn’t a lot), just is not enough time. I haven’t helped too much at all over there to be honest. I’ve been working more on getting the existing house ready to move.

The great thing about my job is that, I can move some things around to make some time . . sometimes. Today was one of those days! I finished up the desk work yesterday, brought my laptop with me today for anything urgent, and got to work on these silly floors!

I need to sand the shiny stuff one more time and add another layer of shiny stuff. Then they will be good to go!

Tonight I am thankful for making good progress on refinishing the wood floors! I did get quite a headache this evening. Note to self – don’t forget to OPEN THE WINDOW! I’ll remember next time . . maybe 🙂 And if I do, that will be another thing to be thankful about!! 🙂

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