I soooo didn’t want to sand the floors and do another coat of varnish tonight. It was a full day. And . . . ugh . . I just didn’t want to!

But, if I did it tonight, then it would be dry by morning, and then the moving can continue. So I really should do it tonight. But, I didn’t want to!

Fortunately I had to give a kiddo a ride tonight! Which means the kiddo was my prisoner! Mua-ha, ha, ha! Ok, actually I bribed said kiddo with Culvers 🙂 So, I really didn’t have an excuse not to finish the floors when I had a helper, right?

We sanded the first coat of varnish, wiped down the floors, and put on the second coat of varnish tonight! And look at us, we got in the car to head home with minutes to spare before we turned in to pumpkins at midnight! 🙂

Tonight I am thankful for some help tonight with the floors! And I am thankful that three rooms and a small hallway are now completely refinished!! Woo Hoo! On to the next task now!

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