Today I had two projects on my to-do list. I was going to paint in a bathroom and try a painting idea for a backsplash. Both things failed.

  1. The gray paint for the bathroom was supposed to be a very light gray. I wanted it to contrast with the sink vanity. Nope! It was about the same shade of grey as the vanity. That is NOT what I wanted. This is a smaller bathroom and it can’t be too dark.
    I do have a lighter gray now and I will be repainting tomorrow.
  2. So I had this great picture in my head of what this backsplash would look like with different colors of spray paint blended together. Guess what it actually looked like . . . crap. It looked like crap. Actually with my “trial” spot, it looked like maybe I had burned something I was cooking.
    I will now be going an entirely different direction with the backsplash.

Tonight I am thankful that even though some ideas fail, there is always a Plan B! After Plan B, there are a whole bunch more plans! We keep going until we succeed!!! Tomorrow, these spaces will look much better!!

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