If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say . .

Twice today . . two separate times, I had to stop myself. Ugh!

I see some things, as an appraiser. Some things that I seriously think the general public should know. And it is so hard to not publicly blast stupid things. I mean, the general public is entrusting the biggest purchase that most will make in their lifetime to a string of professionals. And when these professionals due the stupidest things . . . I think people should know!!!

But, then I tread a line on license, ethical, etc limits on what I can and cannot do when operating under my license.

Sometimes I am calmer and can publicly share information in a mild, objective manner. With today’s finds, I just couldn’t. I mean, sometimes, there’s just not a super nice way to say “this was idiotic”!

So, here, I will share the following information: 1) a garage is a part of real estate and is included in a sale and 2) if the COUNTY states that a well and septic must be inspected before a property can sell, then that is exactly what they mean; and you can’t sell a house stating that the buyer will responsible for this county mandated item after the sale! Ugh!

Ok, whew, deep breaths.

Tonight I am thankful that I did not publicly share this information in the manner that I was first considering when I read these things, on separate properties, mind you! I am also thankful that I typically don’t see things to this extreme! I don’t think I could handle that level on a day to day! Everyone makes mistakes, so maybe these were mistakes . . but they were written intentionally . . so . . . pick your professionals carefully please!

Photo Credit to Disney of course! 😊

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